Drawing and Driving

Drawing and Driving at IAIA MOCNA through July 2019

Art for a New Understanding: Native Perspectives, 1950s to Now

Drawing and Driving was conceived while on an artist residency at the famed, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, 2006. The experimental project became a way for me to redefine my relationship to landscape by essentially drawing what I was seeing, while simultaneously attempting to control a descending gravity powered vehicle.  The drawing vehicle became a simulated version of how I often experience the outdoors (from a perspective of a moving vehicle), which touches on the notion of technology and the speed of a contemporary life.  While there are references to absurdist movements of the past, the act of drawing and driving ultimately became a true point of contact between the natural world and the man-made one; the drawings could in a sense be created by both myself and the moving ground below me. The project has since become one of the most important and critical investigations in my process and Iā€™m forever grateful for my experience in Skowhegan for helping me discover this.  The Drawing and Driving Project has been well received by a number of notable institutions, and eventually found a permanent home in the collection of The National Gallery of Canada,in Ottawa, Ontario and the Phoenix Art Museum, in Arizona

Drawing and driving fieldwork - 2 day site visit, Monument Valley - Arizona/Utah

Exhibiton: Draw Me a Picture, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona; drawing vehicle, video, sound, drawing, painting

Drawing and driving fieldwork: 4 site visits, Arizona: Glen Canyon (the chains), Snow bowl road (Mount Humphreys),  Saguaro National Park, South Mountain Preserve

Exhibition: Outside the Lines: Velocity is Reflection Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona 2007; drawing vehicle, video, sound, drawing materials, helmets w/audio, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 

Exhibition: Voice of Gravity, Legend City Studios in Phoenix, Arizona 2006; 1981 RCA  television, video, drawing, digital print, painted wall, crushed granite.